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10/25/20222 min read

  1. Class Schedule

  2. Online Booking System

  3. Yoga Instructor Profiles

  4. Virtual Classes

  5. Class Descriptions

  6. Yoga Pose Library

  7. Membership Plans

  8. Progress Tracking

  9. Event Calendar

  10. Blog or Insights Section

  11. Community Forum

  12. Video On-Demand

  13. Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions

  14. Yoga Challenges

  15. Yoga Retreat Information

  16. Newsletter Subscription

  17. Social Media Integration

  18. User Testimonials

  1. Class Schedule:

    • Displaying the schedule of yoga classes, including dates, times, and instructors.

  2. Online Booking System:

    • Allowing users to book and pay for yoga classes online.

  3. Yoga Instructor Profiles:

    • Individual profiles for each yoga instructor with their qualifications and teaching styles.

  4. Virtual Classes:

    • Offering virtual or livestreamed yoga classes for remote participants.

  5. Class Descriptions:

    • Detailed descriptions of each yoga class, including difficulty level and focus areas.

  6. Yoga Pose Library:

    • A comprehensive library showcasing various yoga poses with instructions and benefits.

  7. Membership Plans:

    • Providing options for different membership plans or class packages for users to choose from.

  8. Progress Tracking:

    • Tools allowing users to track their progress and attendance in yoga classes.

  9. Event Calendar:

    • Highlighting special events, workshops, and yoga retreats on an interactive calendar.

  10. Blog or Insights Section:

    • A blog or section where instructors share insights, tips, and articles related to yoga and wellness.

  11. Community Forum:

    • A space for members to connect, share experiences, and discuss yoga-related topics.

  12. Video On-Demand:

    • Offering a library of pre-recorded yoga classes for users to access at their convenience.

  13. Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions:

    • Including mindfulness and meditation sessions as part of the overall wellness offering.

  14. Yoga Challenges:

    • Organizing yoga challenges to encourage participation and goal-setting.

  15. Yoga Retreat Information:

    • Providing details about upcoming yoga retreats, including locations and itineraries.

  16. Newsletter Subscription:

    • Allowing users to subscribe to newsletters for updates on new classes, events, and wellness tips.

  17. Social Media Integration:

    • Integration with social media platforms to share content, engage with the community, and promote events.

  18. User Testimonials:

    • Showcasing testimonials from participants who have benefited from the yoga classes.

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